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I am originally from Ireland – the land of the wee people! I grew up believing in Angels and Fairies. I’ve always been intuitive. As a child I would come out with statements that had my parents intrigued as to where the views came from. I’ve spent the bulk of my life living in the US working in the Financial Services sector unaware my personal capabilities/ gifts.

I’ve always had the ability of knowing when there was a change coming in the various roles that I worked in and who was driving the change and how things would evolve over time. I always thought that this was logical and that others could see it happening like I did but they didn’t. Of course I wasn’t aware that this was a gift of mine.

I’ve always been intrigued by Saints, Miracles, Angel encounters, Fortune tellers, Psychic readings, Tarot cards, Crystals, Reiki, Sound therapy, Ghost stories and et cetera. In stepping out onto my spiritual path I now understood where my fascination with these subjects came from.

My Journey:

Early 2015 I started my journey into the spiritual world by attending an 8 week course “Introduction to Crystals” at the College of Psychic Studies in London. I loved working with the crystals and learning how they could help me in my day to day life from Grounding, Protection to giving me Energy and Healing.

Once I finished this course I still wanted to explore and I was guided to a course on “Working with your Angels and Spirit guides”. This was the start of my journey into connecting with the Angels and path forward into giving Angel Readings and Angel Oracle Card readings.

By mid 2015, I had completed an Angelic Reiki healing  which led me down the path into Energy Healing. Over the course of the past year and a half I have studied and become Angelic Reiki Master. My love of healing led me to learning the Divine I AM Transmission healing system and Atlantean Healing. This isn’t the end of my healing studies as I’m currently expanding my gift with studying other systems that I feel very drawn to.

If you were to ask me what my favourite healing system is, I can’t answer that question as they are all very unique in their own right and I love working with them all but am able to select the most useful system prevailing for that moment. To me everything I do is Healing – healing can be facilitated through the hands on healing or the advice and action steps given during the course of an angel reading. Regardless of, if it’s a reading or a hands on healing it is all being accomplished by my connection with the Angelic Realm. I am simply a facilitator of their messages and their energy for healing. It is my absolute honour to be able to connect and work with the Angelic Realm as they want to help each person in their individual life’s journey.

Are my studies finished there? No! I’m continuing to learn and hone my skills. Apart from new healing systems, I have decided to learn Mediumship. Simply because when I do Angel readings sometimes the spirit of the deceased relative steps in to give a message. As such I decided that I wanted to learn how to communicate with them so that the person I’m doing the reading for can identify the spirit and then the message can come forward more clearly.

Not only do I do the above, I also have worked with people one to one to help with mediation, cord cutting, grounding, protection, energy protection and so on. Basically I intuitive work with individuals on one to one basis to facilitate movement in a positive direction in their lives.

If you are drawn to me it’s because you are being guided and I look forward to connecting with you for whatever services you might need.

The Order of the White Rose:

In 2016 I was initiated into “The Order of the White Rose”. The Order of the White Rose is the feminine aspect of The Great Brotherhood of White Light and includes both female and male members. Mary Magdalene, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, White Buffalo Woman, The Egyptian Goddess Isis are members of this Order.  The White Rose signifies “purity” and “the Divine Feminine.” It is a symbol of the Goddess and the Angelic Realm. It is also the symbol for Highest Grace, Truth, Honor, Purity of Heart, and of Spirit’s healing power and Love made manifest on Earth through all of us. I am moving forward in my quest to become a Priestess of this Order. 



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The BCMA (British Complementary Medicine Association)



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